This is literally the most exciting scene in the movie The Canyons. (It’s a UPS truck turning left.)



when a pair of soludos plopped itself on my desk last month, i can’t tell you how excited i was; a lightweight, simple espadrille with an accessible price-tag? count me in! so seeing the footwear label’s fall collection leaves me psyched for the coming months, particularly because it breaks the mold of what people expect from soludos. the styles feature an array of printed chukkas and lace-ups, all priced under $60.

 this!  :D



Video I took of THE PRESIDENT OF THE GOD DAMN UNITED STATES OF GOD DAMN AMERICA, Barack Obama ! after a surprise stop-off here in Rochester; a surprise lunch stop a block from MY HOUSE. 

SURPRISE ! THE PREZ IS IN THE HOOD ! OK. Wow, today was weird. 

You can kinda see him waving there in the front of this sweet Ground Force 1 bus, in the blue shirt and khaki getup. It’s a bit compressed, but it’s clear on my original (and a little clearer on the instagram version). Oh well.  It’s him, trust. Yeee.